Friday, August 21, 2009

International Infant Toddler Conference Blog

Welcome to the International Infant Toddler Conference Blog

We would first like to announce that the next International Infant & Toddler Conference will be held in Tulsa, OK in the Spring of 2011...please look for more information on a date in the future!

In an effort to continue the momentum from the conference held earlier this year, we would like to use this forum for discussions regarding caring for children with respect.

This week an article of interest came out in the New York Times titled "Your Baby Is Smarter Than You Think". This article makes a very powerful case for why babies should have the opportunity to observe, explore, imagine, and learn on their own and why allowing them to simply play is what is best for infants and young children.

Please enjoy reading the article and take a moment to share your comments with us!

Other news from the Child Care Resource Center:

The Oklahoma Association for Infant Mental Health (OK-AIMH) will hold it's annual
Babies Can't Wait Conference in the Spring of 2010. The focus of the conference will be Infants and Trauma. Suggestions for presenters and conference sessions are welcome!

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